Friday, June 8, 2012

Do We Need to Modify Human DNA to Travel to the Stars

"Do We Need to Modify Human DNA to Travel to the Stars - Long Term Space Exploration Thoughts"," In fact he travels to Roswell once a year for their annual convention and anniversary of the Roswell Incident.

Nevertheless, the other day over coffee I asked him what if the aliens from Roswell are not actually aliens at all, what if they are genetically engineered species created by humans for long-term space travel? What if they are us or they share our DNA, and were created by us in the future and sent back to past periods.
 Oh, he was livid, he sees this alien encounter as a great conspiracy, almost as if it's a religion of some kind, it's totally bizarre.
 Not from a conspiracy theorist standpoint, but rather from a science fiction standpoint of what we might have to do with the future if we want to travel to the stars.
 Humans also eat too much for long-term space flight.

Maybe NASA should be thinking here (hint: they already are), and maybe we can use whatever we learn to help modified human DNA to use less energy here on Earth, to eat less, and get rid of some of things we don't need.
 There are a lot of things on the human body that are not exactly what we need to survive here on this planet, and these things could be modified, which would make our lives easier and more adaptable.
 We should study this, even if we choose not to genetically modified humans in the future.

Let's face it, the transfer technologies from NASA research has transformed the way we live and work.
 Indeed, much transfer technology also comes from the military tech research; the Internet, Satellites, nuclear power, and jet aircraft transportation.


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