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New information on Type 2 diabeties

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Purchasing low priced used telescopes is a good way for those who would like to get into astronomy. Used telescopes can be bought for a fraction of the fixed price for new ones, which is a great deal when one is on a budget. Purchasing second hand telescopes provides one with the chance to try at what can turn out to be an expensive hobby without entrusting huge amount of money.

Purchasing of used telescopes provide a great value of money for a beginner and for a more advanced person hence enabling the novice to get his hands on high spec models and top brands. There are various places where one can obtain a used telescope.

The local classified advertisers are an accessible, local and easy way of obtaining information on used telescopes. People like this may be only a short distance from ones location and may deliver on request. There are numerous telescope stores with great collections of used telescopes for sale. One good thing about these store is that they have set standards making it possible to access a good telescope.

Another place where pre-owned telescopes are accessible is online. It is possible to shop online for used telescopes due to the variety of stores who have websites where one can shop. When purchasing old telescopes it is good to take a good look at the astronomical device to ensure that the optic is in its right state. For reflector telescopes, one should check the mirror to ensure there is no breakage as it can affect the image. On the other hand, if it is a big telescope then small errors would not necessarily cause a big problem.

The other key point is taking a good look at the mount and the tripod to ensure it is working properly. People who are keen on astronomy mind a lot about the model. A perfect used telescope for a starter is the Dobsonian. Most of the reflector telescopes are easy to operate and when purchasing for a second hand one can be able to get a real bargain.

The key factor with most of the purchase is usually the budget but when buying a telescope a person should first consider its purpose. For people who reside by the countryside or ocean and have an interest in nature, purchasing a low priced model is much better compared to a person who is into astronomy.

When you are searching for a secondhand telescope, you should choose one from a reputable company and try not to be carried away by other exciting models from unknown manufacturers. So you primary factor in this case should be based on functionality. Telescopes designed with whistles and bells are perfect but for those who can operate them. If you are a beginner this might complicate things further for you and even interfere with other things.

Used telescopes that have been manufactured by reputable brands are normally backed up by good wealth of professions and have been there for decades. Such producers perfect their production to top quality with the aim of retaining and attaining loyal clients and such durability restores confidence in customers. click here to earn extra money

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How are amethyst geodes made

Amethyst geodes commenced life when a volcano erupted. As the lava flowed to the surface, gas pockets were entombed in the solidified lava, usually in a sort of volcanic rock called basalt. Deep below the solidified basalt, Mother Nature continued to maintain an especially hot molten lava structure. From time to time, super-hot fluids would rise from the molten lava area and find their way to the gas pockets through small crevices and cracks in the basalt. These liquids carried with them the mineral elements to build a stunning crystal. In the case of amethyst, these involved the components of silica dioxide (SO2, the chemical formula for quartz) and small amounts of iron ions. As the quartz crystalized, little imperfections of the iron ions would replace silica in some of the molecules, providing the base for amethyst coloring. If the molecules were then also subjected to relatively extreme heat levels and small amounts of radiation, a beautiful deep rich purple amethyst crystal would be born. Heat most often would come from the diagonally opposite lava structure, and the miniscule amounts of radiation needed would come from rocks like granite that give up small quantities of radiation as they slowly rot.

Over millions of years, Mother Nature would sometimes do many cycles of this super-hot, mineral carrying liquids inundation process. Dependent on the precise mineral composition of the liquids at different times, different colours of crystals and indeed different mineral crystals may be formed. Very often, the quartz that forms in a geode could include a big amounts of clear or milky white quartz as well as the purple amethyst. Less often, wholly different types of crystals can be created on top or embedded in the quartz most often this takes the form of interesting, accenting crystals of calcite. Most often the calcite crystals are clear or white, but occasionally they are definitely a very interesting hue of pink.

In theory, geodes can be discovered anywhere on earth where volcanos helped shape the earth's crust. Volcanos are vital mountain range builders, and most existing sources of geodes are in or near mountains. For amethyst, some of the most vital deposits are found in South America. A big area in southern Brazil contains large basalt structures, many of which contain geodes of diverse qualities. Brazil is easily the largest exporter of amethyst geodes by volume. Across the border in Uruguay, a much smaller area contains significant deposits of a few of the world's very best coloured amethyst geodes. Also close by, in eastern Bolivia, there are 1 or 2 mines that contain amethyst deposits that include cavities with large crystals. It is unreal to extract these huge crystals in a complete geodes due to the massive amounts of rock concerned, but once in a while clusters or individual crystals removed from those structures make their way to the USA.

Many kinds of crystals form in the pockets and crevices that gas pockets form in solidified lava. In the rock type basalt, a few kinds of zeolite minerals also form wonderful geodes. Among these are brilliant green or clear apophyllite, frequently accompanied by peach colored stilbite or white scolecite are found in big amounts in the Decca Flats area in India. Also frequently forming in basalt structures are different types of quartz like agate, chalcedony, onyx and jasper. In granite pegmatites (granitic lava that formed under ground, often in a columnar structure) plenty of the planet's finest gems crystalize. These include diamonds, emeralds, topaz, tourmalines, and wonderful individual quartz crystals. These granitic structures are also found in areas formed by volcanos.

Extracting geodes is to all intents and purposes a well refined mining process. Although the method involves heavy equipment and explosives to reach geode producing areas in the basalt, all of the main work involves a hefty dose of manual labor. The geodes are first exposed through mining efforts. The basalt is removed revealing the shape of a geode in the floor, wall or ceiling of the mine. The following step is to examine the interior of the geode to establish if the crystals are of high enough price to pay for the manual effort needed to take the geode. This is most often done by cutting an inconspicuous hole in the geode and inserting a little light and viewing gadget which seems like a flexible periscope.

If the colour is an ordinary colour like milky white quartz, the geode will be bypassed and regularly demolished in subsequent mining efforts. If the crystal is amethyst of a good colour, then the geode will be. Chipped out of the basalt a little at a time. This process can require days of labor for a single amethyst geode Once the geode has been removed from the base basalt, it is then carried to a workshop some distance from the mine. This typically involves the use of a wheel barrow to manually remove it from the mine itself, and then a truck, narrow gauge rail car, or truck to carry the piece to the workshop.

At the workshop any remaining basalt is removed and the geode is cut to show the crystals. Most often, geodes are of a broadly columnar shape. These will be cut vertically along the longest portion of the geode. These pieces are then prepared as a form known as a cathedral. The geode at this initial stage has an exterior surface that contains many pointed bumps of the base level of the quartz. These are perilous to both the workers and to the final buyer. To bypass the attendant danger, the geode is covered in a delicate layer of cement to cover the sharp points. The cement is then routinely painted with a flat black colour to enhance the aesthetics of the purple amethyst crystals. If the piece is to be shown as a cathedral there will often also be a tiny fill of cement at the base of the piece to form a level structure on which to stand the piece. Any remaining sharp quartz points along the entrance to the geode are then polished to a smooth surface for both appearance and safety here for a way to make extra money

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     What is gravity, its the attraction of bodies with mass. so why doesn't everything crash into each other thats why we have centrifugal force. The sun pulls on all the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and other objects in the universe and its centrifugal force that keeps objects in orbit.
     Scientist say that nothing goes faster than the speed of light, they also said at one time nothing can break the speed of sound. I believe that gravity is faster than light, because it can capture light in the case of a black hole.
I also believe since light can't escape a black hole which is essentially a collapsed star, that light leaving a star or sun is much slower than the figure of 186,000 per sec so light probably is not a constant speed it depends on where its at and the gravitational forces which are exerted on it.
     If aliens with advanced technology say a million years ahead of us, have conquered gravity then more than likely they can transverse the universe a speeds much greater than what we call light speed. If this measure is not constant through out the universe, we may have to calculate the distances to other worlds in a different way. Oh did I mention that scientist now think that some galaxies in the far reaches of the universe may be traveling faster than the speed of light.
     Think about this a space craft leaves a galaxy traveling faster than light and heads toward earth will it get here faster than a space craft leaving a galaxy traveling at the speed of light ? Please comment if you can, you will have to use your imagination, because only the aliens know the answer.
    The reason the some Galaxies are speeding up is because the further they get away from the immense Black Hole in what is probably a central point in the universe for all the known objects we know about. The huge black hole has a grip on most of the known universe and is getting bigger all the time, while the universe is expanding its possible for some object to escape the gravitational pull and increase in speed. Once this black hole gets big enough the universe will start to contract once again but this is billions if not trillions of years down the road, and all the galaxies which have escaped its gravitational pull will survive its capture. If you really  think about it you will be able to understand how gravity has to be faster than light and that light is not a constant, like Einstein predicted. Of coarse it was only a theory anyway Right ????

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I'm sure you have heard that scientist have discovered other planets outside our solar system, in other galaxies, last I heard over 2000 but they are not in the habital zone of the star they rotate around. But its only a matter of time and they will have discovered 10 times that amount of planets and out of that at least 1% should be in the goldy locks zone or habital area around its sun.

Once we find a suitable planet that might harbor water, and maybe life I'm sure they will go all out trying to communicate with these planets, and once you have enough of these to try to communicate with you are eventually going to find one that is trying to communicate with us. The numbers are so vast that there is no way not to find a habitable planet somewhere in the universe. I believe there will be a great breakthrough in communications to places with great distances, I also don't believe light speed can't be broken, Eienstien was probably wrong on that one.

Other Planets would not be there if they weren't meant to be explored and used by intelligent beings and the inventions to communicate and to travel there is right around the corner, we went from horse and buggy, to the moon, in 60 years time so think what the next 100 years might bring. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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A Earth like planet was discovered, this week 600 light years away, its two and half times the size of earth and is believed to have plenty of water. What we don't know is there breathable air, and can you grow crops if there is a land mass? Being bigger than earth is the gravity going to be greater than earth? If life exist is it more intelligent than life on earth?

Now the big question can we get there? I believe we can once we figure out if its going to be worth it or not. We need to develop a safe and efficient way to travel in space and a unique way of excellerating  to or near the speed of light at the speed of light time stops and the 600 years needed to make the journey can be done without ageing of coarse everyone back on earth will age 600 years but the space travelers would only gain a small amount of time the time it takes to excellerate to light speed.

That probably how the ancient astronauts traveled here before and will probably be back after hundreds of years has passed for us but only a short time for them. This would explain why they haven't already been back before now. What might be weeks for them could be thousands of years for us. Also the time on there planet also advanced the same as ours and they could have got back to a dead planet or some other reason not to return.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Outer Space The Next Frontier In Resource Investing

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"Is Outer Space The Next Frontier In Resource Investing?"," Planetary Resources boasts an impressive team, which includes past and present high-level Google executives Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, multiple former NASA members, a former CTO of Microsoft (MSFT), acclaimed film director James Cameron, and of course seasoned space exploration entrepreneurs as physicists.

As far out (literally!) as asteroid mining may sound, it is reminiscent of the ideas proposed by Zecharia Sitchin and Michael Tellinger -- students of ancient history who have authored books that have popularized the idea that humans were created by extraterrestrials as a slave species designed to mine earth for mineral wealth.
 But for those who give them some credence, human endeavors to mine asteroids could simply be seen as a species' natural progression that may have occurred before with other species as well.

Very high quantities of minerals on these asteroids.
 In other words, because of the inevitably high fixed costs of mining asteriods, there needs to be an abundance of minerals extractable at low prices to make this project economically viable.
 The Planetary Resource team admits that while they are certainly interested in securing critical resources like platinum and palladium from these asteroids, these asteroids are likely to contain abundant supplies of fresh water.

The ability to reduce energy costs significantly.
 There are many asteroids up there, and a game plan for how to scale an asteroid mining operation and actually get large quantities of what's valuable needs to be thought out carefully.

In sum, I think this idea is very promising and illustrates where we are headed to solve our natural resource problem -- but this is going to take a while.
 Moreover, I also consider it more prudent to explore the under-explored areas here on planet Earth before going to near-earth asteroids.

Ultimately, the fact that a company like Planetary Resources is even emerging, is securing top talent, and is gaining media coverage illustrates how critical natural resources are becoming and how high the price is headed.

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