Sunday, July 1, 2012


     What is gravity, its the attraction of bodies with mass. so why doesn't everything crash into each other thats why we have centrifugal force. The sun pulls on all the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and other objects in the universe and its centrifugal force that keeps objects in orbit.
     Scientist say that nothing goes faster than the speed of light, they also said at one time nothing can break the speed of sound. I believe that gravity is faster than light, because it can capture light in the case of a black hole.
I also believe since light can't escape a black hole which is essentially a collapsed star, that light leaving a star or sun is much slower than the figure of 186,000 per sec so light probably is not a constant speed it depends on where its at and the gravitational forces which are exerted on it.
     If aliens with advanced technology say a million years ahead of us, have conquered gravity then more than likely they can transverse the universe a speeds much greater than what we call light speed. If this measure is not constant through out the universe, we may have to calculate the distances to other worlds in a different way. Oh did I mention that scientist now think that some galaxies in the far reaches of the universe may be traveling faster than the speed of light.
     Think about this a space craft leaves a galaxy traveling faster than light and heads toward earth will it get here faster than a space craft leaving a galaxy traveling at the speed of light ? Please comment if you can, you will have to use your imagination, because only the aliens know the answer.
    The reason the some Galaxies are speeding up is because the further they get away from the immense Black Hole in what is probably a central point in the universe for all the known objects we know about. The huge black hole has a grip on most of the known universe and is getting bigger all the time, while the universe is expanding its possible for some object to escape the gravitational pull and increase in speed. Once this black hole gets big enough the universe will start to contract once again but this is billions if not trillions of years down the road, and all the galaxies which have escaped its gravitational pull will survive its capture. If you really  think about it you will be able to understand how gravity has to be faster than light and that light is not a constant, like Einstein predicted. Of coarse it was only a theory anyway Right ????

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