Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm sure you have heard that scientist have discovered other planets outside our solar system, in other galaxies, last I heard over 2000 but they are not in the habital zone of the star they rotate around. But its only a matter of time and they will have discovered 10 times that amount of planets and out of that at least 1% should be in the goldy locks zone or habital area around its sun.

Once we find a suitable planet that might harbor water, and maybe life I'm sure they will go all out trying to communicate with these planets, and once you have enough of these to try to communicate with you are eventually going to find one that is trying to communicate with us. The numbers are so vast that there is no way not to find a habitable planet somewhere in the universe. I believe there will be a great breakthrough in communications to places with great distances, I also don't believe light speed can't be broken, Eienstien was probably wrong on that one.

Other Planets would not be there if they weren't meant to be explored and used by intelligent beings and the inventions to communicate and to travel there is right around the corner, we went from horse and buggy, to the moon, in 60 years time so think what the next 100 years might bring. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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