Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Round Trip Voyage - Space Tourism Information And Facts (Are You Ready?)

"Round Trip Voyage - Space Tourism Information And Facts (Are You Ready?)"," Well not really space tourism has become an attraction for rich and adventures people.
 These are people who have made money in their life and can afford to pay 20 million for 5-10 days space ride.
 The space agency which provides round trip voyage to space is Russian company.
 It will be some time before other private companies will venture into this lucrative tourism market those prices will come down by 50 percent or more.
 The coverage by top median both print and electronic about his/her round trip voyage to space.
 One thing is sure the space trip definitely will bring him/her more attention and fame.

Definitely apart from money you also need courage to take this trip.
 You need to control your fear and if you are suffering from cluster fobia than this trip is not good for you.

The day is not far when humans will frequently travel to International space station or tourist spots in space for fun, celebrating anniversary or even getting married in space.
 The world will see new frontier opened for mankind to explore.

Currently there are many companies perusing entrepreneur dream in this sector and they are set to hit market in coming 2-3 years.

In order to be this business model successful, the price for ticket has to come down, where it is reasonable to take a slice form lifetime earning to make round trip voyage trip.

List of spaceports




  Esrange in Sweden


United Arab Emirates

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