Monday, April 2, 2012

"2012 Precession of The Equinox - From Darkness Into Light"," And what we call precession of the equinox is a wonderful, age-old cosmological example of this gem of wisdom. Last, we look to show by placing the puzzle pieces together into a cohesive, high probability opinion that our solar system including Earth and all its inhabitants, are now together emerging into a inter-dimensional frequency shift beyond our limited perception of only three dimensions. So with that in mind, I will attempt to concisely convey esoteric concepts and beliefs in a logical fashion combined with supporting, emphatically provable scientific evidence. It always begins from within, not from some external force as it so often seems. May I suggest if you find yourself in a position requiring a new level of acceptance or understanding to what is written, simply open your heart and mind looking for evidence in your own life to help support the conclusion presented. Before we jump into the real subject matter of this article- From Darkness into Light, let's first lay a basic foundation for those who may not be knowledgeable about what the astronomical term precession of the equinox means. Precession Of The Equinox The precession of the equinoxes also called the Great Year, refers to the precession (slow western movement) of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space. The mainstream theory held is that earth's precession is caused because earth is not a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid. The primary cause of this effect is because Earth's equatorial diameter is slightly larger (due to earth's rotation) than the polar diameter. In the case of the spinning top, gravity effects how the top eventually tips over while it is spinning. A few last important tidbits. During this time the equinox will regresses a full 360°. To summarize, the precession is the sun's apparent position moving slowly west in a constellation when observed on the same day each year; it takes an equinox sun approximately ~2,135 years to move through one of the twelve constellations on its 25,625 cycle completely around the Zodiac. Currently we are now moving out of the age of Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius with all its ""new era"" symbols and profound meanings. That fact along with additional interesting information is the basis of this article.

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