Sunday, July 1, 2012


A Earth like planet was discovered, this week 600 light years away, its two and half times the size of earth and is believed to have plenty of water. What we don't know is there breathable air, and can you grow crops if there is a land mass? Being bigger than earth is the gravity going to be greater than earth? If life exist is it more intelligent than life on earth?

Now the big question can we get there? I believe we can once we figure out if its going to be worth it or not. We need to develop a safe and efficient way to travel in space and a unique way of excellerating  to or near the speed of light at the speed of light time stops and the 600 years needed to make the journey can be done without ageing of coarse everyone back on earth will age 600 years but the space travelers would only gain a small amount of time the time it takes to excellerate to light speed.

That probably how the ancient astronauts traveled here before and will probably be back after hundreds of years has passed for us but only a short time for them. This would explain why they haven't already been back before now. What might be weeks for them could be thousands of years for us. Also the time on there planet also advanced the same as ours and they could have got back to a dead planet or some other reason not to return.

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