Friday, June 8, 2012

The First Man to Enter Outer Space - Yuri Gagarin

"The First Man to Enter Outer Space - Yuri Gagarin"," Full name Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, he was was a cosmonaut who lived from 1934-1968.
 A Yuri Gagarin quiz would reveal that Gagarin was the person who completed two, perhaps even more significant firsts, he was the first person to ever travel to outer space, and to orbit the earth, two events which would pave the way not only for Armstrong, but also for all future space exploration.
 This was something that actually turned into an advantage for Gagarin.
 He began flying in the Soviet Airforce as a pilot of a MiG 15.

Gagarin became a worldwide hero after his venture into space.
 Gagarin was a Colonel by 1963, but was held back from active duty in space flight due to the politicians and commanders of the military's fears about losing the popular face of their efforts. Gagarin was killed in 1968 in a routine flight in a MiG-15, a plane he was certainly familiar with.

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