Friday, June 8, 2012

What Are The Interests In Private Space Flight Today?

"What Are The Interests In Private Space Flight Today?"

Space studies conducted in 2002 by Futron and 2006 by Spaceport Associates indicate a definite interest in space tourism.

The space studies show worldwide interest mostly from males (78%) and also indicate a wide age separation, from 22 to 67.
 This clearly indicates a market exists for private space travel.
 Over the next few years it is probable that many of these flights will begin and more people will want to register and participate.
 Some vehicles will be dropped from another carrier, some will take off horizontally and land horizontally, some will take off vertically and land vertically and some will even be launched from a balloon.

No matter which vehicle carrier you travel within, all participants will experience, some weightlessness, feel the G-forces and the thrust of rockets, view the Earth and see its curvature and go through some pre-flight space training.

Why are many interested persons waiting to sign up? Because some expect costs will come down.
 Still others want to choose from amongst the carriers that have shown themselves safe and reliable.
 For comparison, a list of all space companies, their progress and developments, vehicles, projects and costs, can be found on Wikipedia under 'SPACE TOURISM'.
Millions in deposits already paid.

It is still too early in the industry to be sure who will get there first, become most popular, offer the most discriminating experience.
 Safety always comes first.
 2011, the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's famous suborbital space flight.
 This time of global celebration brings man into the next 50 years of space and allowing the private sector to dominate space exploration, recreation and monetization.

The next few years will pave the way for dare devil adventurers, space enthusiasts and thrill seekers to satisfy their quest and go where so few have gone before, to the edge of space.

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