Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Why Does The Sky Glow At Night?"

"Why Does The Sky Glow At Night?" Sky glow is probably the most recognizable aspect of light pollution. This is wonderful, as it shows a growing awareness of the problem. The intensity of the sky glow is an indication of the quantity of exterior lighting which is wastefully shining up into the night sky. This is not the sum total of all outdoor lighting, this is just that portion of outdoor lighting that is so misdirected as to light up the night sky. In fact, the problem is actually increasing in magnitude and cost. Under pristine conditions, some 4000-5000 stars may be seen. You may think that this only impacts astronomers, but you'd be wrong. The human race has looked to the stars through out history in an attempt to understand our place in the universe. It is no wonder that more and more people feel detached, alone and overwhelmed in our continuous motion society. Sky glow also changes the surrounding environment. This seriously impacts local wildlife. Sea turtles are a prime example. If you'd like to change this situation, its easy to do your part. Night sky friendly lights put all the light they emit onto the ground beneath them and do not shine any wastefully up into the night sky. . WHAT'S UP   

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