Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The China Sky Is Dark: Send Up The Sky Lanterns"

"The China Sky Is Dark: Send Up The Sky Lanterns"," Framed with bamboo, or Redwood, then covered with thin paper, silk fabric, or gauze. If these lanterns are not fastened securely, they will fly away into the night sky when released. His lanterns were not for celebrations or festive occasions, but used to send lighted messages into the night air during war times. These lanterns have since been banned due to their capabilities of starting fires, and interfering with airplanes. This type of lantern has a center wire shaft that spins small attached papers around when the candle heat warms the inside of the lantern, making it look animated. The color red represents new beginnings, so is displayed to announce a new baby, or marriage. White lights mean a household is mourning a relative's death. C. Since that time the Lantern Festival has returned, and is bigger than ever. Sky lanterns have been outlawed in many countries due to the danger the present. A string of tiny Christmas lights is a wonderful place to attach a few paper lanterns, for an outdoor party. . WHAT'S UP


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