Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Light Speed and The Universe Theory"

"Light Speed and The Universe Theory"," Does this mean that they are traveling into the past also, therefore making another universe in the past? Just how big can this universe get? It seems endless. Maybe that's the answer to the never ending universe. One younger, one older starting over again in a never ending cycle. Now I wonder if that means you can only go so far into the past, or can you get past the big bang and be in another universe on a different cycle, and how many times can you do this just like everything else having to do with the universe; its probably endless. And I also believe they need to rewrite the big bang theory because it doesn't fit into the scheme of things the way I see it. And if they truly are going faster than light we want be able to see them in the future if we live that long. Scientist know a lot about space but haven't even touched just how big it really is. WHAT'S UP   


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