Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Amateur Astronomy - References To Information You Need To Watch The Night Sky"

"Amateur Astronomy - References To Information You Need To Watch The Night Sky"," I am sure that making choices is hard for you when considering what is needed to get a start in this new hobby. It's not hard at all, simply getting the right telescope, supplies and learning materials will help all of you. I hope to point you to the right supplies and learning materials in this article.The title says it all we need to know in making this choice. It is a book that a young teenager can follow easily, and is written for that purpose. Learning is essential to having real fun. As a beginner, it is outside our experience to buy a high end telescope with camera attachments and computer controlled tracking systems. I am sure that Astral Photography will become a logical next step. There really isn't a hard learning curve in astronomy. Reading is the best thing for you at this point. I began with a simple set of printed charts and learned to read them simply by studying the instruction that came with them. The price range is: $25. This book is fairly straight forward and easy to use. Another good choice would be: The Observer's Sky Atlas: With 50 Star Charts Covering the Entire Sky, by Erich Karkoschka (Author). 51. Give it serious consideration. A very good choice would be: Win*Star Express V3 by Matrix Software Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Several well known astronomers were involved in the creation of this platform. 95, you can't go wrong. Telescope Accessories: Even as a beginner certain accessories should be considered. For the basics, you should be looking for a Lens Cap for both ends of your scope; multiple secondary lenses for you to increase the viewing power on the object you are looking at, and lens filters. It enhances viewing pleasure, and the aesthetics of the individual object being viewed. If you go online to Amazon. Look for: Orion Pluck-Foam Accessory Case, then you can inventory what is offered there, as it is a very good indicator of what you need. I hope this article has helped you and reinforced your interest in Astronomy as a hobby. Take advantage of it, it will be a very rewarding enterprise for all of you. Good luck in this new adventure, learn and have lots of fun. . WHAT'S UP

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