Thursday, May 31, 2012

"View The Night Sky With The Celestron Firstscope"

"View The Night Sky With The Celestron Firstscope"," It's considered by most to be one of the top telescopes for novices because anyone can use it and it's highly affordable. Weighing six pounds, the Celestron Firstscope is highly compact and portable. The Firstscope has a Dobsonian style mount that allows for navigation to be easy and smooth in all directions. Glass is coated on the optical components that produce images that are sharp and clean. It's very sturdy and is made up of quality materials. As simple as it is to use, to maximize the features of it you should read through the product manual first. You can prepare for night observation by familiarizing yourself with it during the day. Not using a solar filter can ultimately damage your eyes or break the telescope from the heat. Two eyepieces come with the Celestron Firstscope: a 20mm and a 4mm. For beginners and children, the Firstscope is a great way for users to get started with observing the night sky. Even those with experience will enjoy how simple and portable it is. WHAT'S UP
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