Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Explore the Vastness of Space and the Abyss of the Oceans Depths?

"Why Explore the Vastness of Space and the Abyss of the Oceans Depths?",Nevertheless, for those who do have those genes, and I am one of them, I do understand, and it is such a compelling need, that you can't fight it, and perhaps this is why, at least in America, we have such a high percentage of those genes.
 Okay so let's talk about this for second shall we?

Not long ago, I was reminded of a famous quote, a quip from a dedicated life-long oceanographer and explorer.
 In speaking of the oceans of our world, there will be a new attempt at breaking the underwater depth record very soon.

Indeed, the individual making the dive is also a filmmaker who produced the movie "Avatar" and I have no doubt that he will be using some of the footage for an upcoming movie which will take place under our oceans, or at least the storyline will.
 I find it refreshing, the human spirit, and the need to continue exploration.

One famous quote which seems to be very much part of the American spirit is that which was brought forth by Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek; "to boldly go where no man has gone before.
 We must explore everything, and everywhere, because it is who we are.
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