Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Space Proposal

"A Space Proposal"," Today, in what seems to be a period of national decline, anything that smacks of overreaching in any field will be greeted with a fair amount of eye-rolling and cynical snickering.
 No one in this climate of ratcheted down expectations will want to hear a word about space exploration and its necessity as a continuous national endeavor for any country that wishes to maintain its status as a world (and not just regional) power.

These regional powers understand the value of space (read manned) exploration.
 Indeed the space program is a source of great pride for the Chinese who, reasonably, propose a manned moon landing in 2020.

Let me be clear.
 Quite the contrary.
 Of course one of these direct results was the founding of the United States.
 It remains only a question of who will attempt to push forward.
 They are/will not be the first to do so.

In the end, I care not a whit about who will dominate space in the future.
 It also would be nice if democratic values could be enhanced during the process rather than curtailed.
 It would just have expanded the "iron-cage of capitalism" rather than opened it up for new forms of thought, expression, and lived experience.
 All this may seem 'grandiose' today, because we have done very little so far.
 Let us begin today!


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