Friday, June 22, 2012

Private Space Business - Think Tank Topic

"Private Space Business " Many have criticized that NASA is beyond reproach and that no private free enterprise can compete with the massive scientific accomplishments of that agency.
 And let me try to explain why.

Incidentally, I was on hand for the Rutan/Branson X-prize flight win at Mojave Airport that day, the day that those gentlemen made history, and it was a great day for mankind, a wonderful celebration, and proof positive that all things are possible using the free enterprise model.
 Things such as;

The inflatable satellite space-station habitats, rocket ships, and innovations of today are merely the beginning, on our way to space mining, space hotels, planetary colonies, and beyond.
 Some of these companies and corporations already have plans for filing for an IPO on the stock market, and they have big investors, investment bankers, and private backers behind them.
 The future is grand for private space travel, and it's time to allow some of the transfer technologies from NASA to filter in to the private sector, and be used by those corporations and entrepeneurs who can be trusted with such advanced technologies. Quite frankly in my personal opinion it's about time.

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