Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hopping Robots, Spheres and Haptic Review of Robotic Space Concepts

"Hopping Robots, Spheres and Haptic Review of Robotic Space Concepts"," One interesting concept is to build beach ball size robotic exploratory units to work in packs or swarms on the surface of a planet or in the more dense areas of a gas planet.
 But can we build them lighter and better? There are a few of the current projects being built.
 Have you every seen a picture of the Earth's roundness with respect to gravity?

Well to move a beach ball along all by itself without pushing it, well all you need to do is push the bumps out at certain times to get it to roll.
 So, simple reverse the concave surface to a continuous convex surface, sphere and you have my idea of the light-weight beach ball robotic planetary exploratory devices.
 Simple really.
 I can think of at least 15 really good applications.
 It can be used in reverse in pipelines to restrict and speed up flows for pumping water up hill.
 Therefore this concept and idea stands.

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