Friday, June 22, 2012

Ownership of Moon Property Legal Under International Law

"Space Law Experts - Ownership of Moon Property Legal Under International Law","

According to authors Dave Wasser and Douglas Jobes of the Space Settlement Institute, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 does not forbid nations from recognizing land claims made by private organizations that raise money to pay for future lunar exploration and settlement initiatives.
 Their report appears in a recent issue of the SMU Journal of Air Law and Commerce, published through Southern Methodist University.
 The company's system of selling lunar land claims to fund lunar exploration allows regular Earth-bound citizens to own moon property.

"The sale of private property rights is the only realistic means through which mankind will explore and settle the moon,"" said Jackson James, president and chief moon officer of Lunar International.

According to Wasser and Jobes, systems such as the one developed by Lunar International could spark massive private investment that would lead to the establishment of permanent lunar settlements.
 The company offers land claims to property on the moon in several geographic regions, including the famed Sea of Tranquility where man first stepped foot on the moon, starting at less than $20 an acre.

"The people buying lunar land claims are today's pioneers," said James.

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