Monday, June 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered why you can't get to the end of the universe I have and the answer is there is no end to get too. If there was what would it be like. Would it be like a stone wall where you just can't go any further or would you fall off the edge and go where, that would just be like another universe would it not.
Maybe it could be you go in a giant circle and end up at the place you started like going around the equater on earth eventually you are back where you started. Maybe its like a river you empty into a vast blackness empty of stars and everything else we know. If there was a end to the universe and you were standing on the edge looking in the direction you were traveling just what would you see. Am I the only person on Earth who knows what the answer would be. This is not a riddle, and anyone with a brain would know the answer. Go to my website and sign the guestbook if you think you know the answer.  

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