Friday, June 8, 2012

Dads Prepare to Lead American Space Exploration

"Dads Prepare to Lead American Space Exploration - Obama's Scholarships Will Help You All the Way"," Briefly reminiscing about his awe and wonder at the Gemini and Apollo missions of the 1960's, Obama said he hopes America's continuing space ventures will inspire a new generation of explorers.

As President Obama detailed some of the challenges in a mission to Mars, single dads imagined what they might accomplish with degrees in chemistry and engineering.
 As Obama reminded his audience that America must take physiologists, ecologists, and geologists to the International Space Station, visionary family men thought about their futures as space explorers and researchers.

Some of America's most prestigious science and engineering schools are currently recruiting appropriately qualified students with histories of economic and social disadvantage, offering handsome scholarships and comprehensive academic and personal support.
 Purdue and Georgia Tech also seek promising young engineers and physicists.

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