Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 5 Most Awesome Animal Hybrid Species

Every now and then a hybrid animal happens naturally: this is when 2 animals of similar species breed together to create a species that is a mix between the two. Some of our favourites are from the big cat species, different bear species, and different horse-like species. Check out our top 5 coolest hybrid animal species.

Liger = Lion + Tiger 

A liger is a male lion who breeds with a female tigress. Similar to the liger is the ti-liger which is when a male tiger breeds with a female liger or vice versa. These gigantic cats are incredibly enormous and have faint stripes. They enjoy swimming and other social large cat activities. These animals don't exist in the wild because the habitat of the lion doesn't overlap with that of a tiger.

Zedonk = Zebra + Donkey 

A zedonk is when a zebra mates with a donkey. These are uncommon, but not unheard of. Read more about zedonks.

Prizzly Bear = Grizzly Bear + Polar Bear 

Once, Jim Martell, who had a permit to hunt polar bears at over $45,000, shot a prizzly bear near Sachs Harbour, Canada. This species is unquestionably bread in the wild between grizzly bears and polar bears, but DNA hadn't been confirmed until 2006 with Martell's conquest. You can tell that it is a prizzly bear based on the shady circles around the eyes, a slightly lighter coat than a grizzly, and a little smaller size than a polar bear. However they do have distinctly arched humped backs like the polar bear.

Cama = Camel + Llama 

Camas are a female Llama who breeds with a male Camel. Since camels are 6 times the size of Llamas, a Cama is only ever possible thru artificial insemination. Originally they were made in order to make an animal with the strength of a camel, but the easy-going personality and high wool-production of the llama.

Wholphin = False Killer Whale + Bottlenose Dolphin 

A wholphin is the rare hybrid kind of the female bottlenose dolphin and the male false killer whale. Though the name may fool you, these hybrid animals are still thought of as dolphins because a false killer whale is still classified in the dolphin family. The Wholphin is significantly larger than a bottlenose dolphin - after a couple of months it is the size of a year old bottlenose dolphin.

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