Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Phases Of The Moon And Moon Facts

With regards to moon facts, lunar phases are incredibly crucial to us because they influence various things on the planet. It's a known fact that the Earth sun and moon are connected and that their activities impact one another. For example, the tides of the seas on Earth are influenced by the lunar phases, meaning that our lives are influenced by these phases too. The reason is the fact that in accordance with pics of Earth, an incredibly large section of the Earth is covered with water.

Among the first things that you need to understand about lunar phases is the fact that they happen on a monthly basis in the exact same order, which means that they are taking place repeatedly. Through these phases, the form of the moon changes, which means that after a cycle ends we commence seeing a small section of the moon, then more, then a quarter of the moon and so on until we see a full moon. Probably the most interesting moon facts is the fact that every cycle regarding these lunar phases is comparable to the previous one. 

Another one of fascinating moon facts is that for the duration of ancient time, people were taking the moon as a reference in order to know the finest fishing times along with the time. This means that besides the sun, people only had the moon to use as a time reference. The lunar phases had the role to display them what time of the month was and even what season, despite the fact that in those times they did not think at time as we do today - weeks, months and so forth. 

However, when it came to the lunar phases and what it meant to every tribe, this was strictly related to the religion and beliefs of each and every tribe. Even though the moon seems to change its shape depending on the phase, this is not actually true. In fact, we are able to see the moon rise because of the Earth's movement. The shape of the moon that we see during its phases depends on the quantity of light reflected by the sun.

Just about every lunar phase possesses its own meaning and its own importance to us. There are many fascinating moon facts that not many people are aware of, yet the moon is truly an exciting and special object that has a fantastic effect on our lives

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