Sunday, May 27, 2012

Green Sky to True Blue

"Green Sky to True Blue"," Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, Cheryl Richardson, and Mother Angelica have in common?

They all know the secret how to turn a Green Sky to True Blue!

Can you?

With the New Year fast approaching, we all have goals.
 A safe place where no one can steal your joy.

So why isn't everyone is the world happy in life?

The secret, which is really no secret is all, is that they stuck to what they believed in their heart to be true, regardless of what other people told them was true.

Think of forgiveness.
 Forgiveness is in the action.
 Don't be concerned with the results.
 The great paradox is that volunteering most assuredly helps someone - namely YOU.
 The motivation behind your volunteering is what gives you more than you receive.
 Giving away by volunteering immerses you in the gift first.
 If you are not dead, you are not finished yet.
 This tragedy and set back, could actually be a genuine set up for your greatest comeback!

Think of past events that you thought were devastating, for which you are now grateful.
 The same can be true for you in the present moment.
 Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!

Prayer is one of the greatest free gifts we can all utilize to get answers.

Nothing is ever wasted in a green sky turned blue.

Coffee Shop Millionaire

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