Monday, April 23, 2012

Planet Earth to Outer Space - We Were Only Kidding About the Invitation

"Planet Earth to Outer Space - We Were Only Kidding About the Invitation"," He is my intellectual superior by the same margin that I am smarter than a houseplant.
 He thinks that it exists and he has math on his side.

The burning question is what are the aliens and what do they want from us? In most cases, the answer would be nothing.
 Sure they could take somebody like Paris Hilton in a best of five checkers showdown, but they would be no threat to earthlings because they haven't even invented the wheel, let alone interplanetary travel.
 In fact, they may be a lot smarter.
 Exceptions might include that giant lizard guy who took a serious a**-kicking from Kirk, and every space hottie who ever fell for his cheap come-ons.
 For Kirk it may only be an intergalactic paternity suit.

It would be a much bigger disaster than those high school parties I attended when the parents were away and the rule book got tossed out the window.
 I suspect that an alien invasion of earth would be much the same, according to Hawking.
 That wasn't the case for three quarters of the high school party guests.
 If ET and his buddies are smart enough to get here, then they are more than smart enough to run the show upon arrival.



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