Monday, April 23, 2012

Intergalactic Construction Project"

"Intergalactic Construction Project","

From Earthly Beginnings.
 This latter company was set up by aerospace engineer Burt Rutan and created the technology for the world's first fleet of commercial spaceships and launch aircraft.
5-hour flight will set you back $200,000).
 Once the passenger carrying side of the business is established, the plan is to progress to running sub-orbital science missions and to provide launch services for small satellites.

Passenger flights will be on board SpaceShipTwo, which is able to carry six passengers and two pilots.
 The carrier will fly the two of them up to an altitude of 50,000 feet.

The spacecraft then climbs to about sixty miles above the earth's surface, on the edge of space where the passengers will see the curvature of the earth and experience weightlessness for around six minutes.
 SpaceShipTwo wil fold its wings in as it re-enters the earth's atmosphere and then extends them fully again for the unpowered descent back to the runway.

The takeoff and landing site is Spaceport America, the world's first commercial spaceport.
 It features a two-mile long runway and a futuristic building that incorporates all hangar, terminal and office facilities.
 The shape of the building is intended to suggest the drama and mystery of space flight while its sweeping lines blend into the environment with minimal impact.
 Entrance to the building is through a channel cut into the landscape.
 A galleried level continues to the hangar that houses the spacecraft and then on to the terminal.
 It is set deep into the landscape so that it exploits the thermal mass and is positioned to take advantage of the westerly wind for ventilation.

The new production facility that is getting started on construction is located at Mojave Air and Space Port in the Mojave Desert, California.
php"">Wallace & Smith General Contractors</a>, based in Bakersfield (USA), is handling the turnkey design and construction management services.
 It will be used mainly for final assembly, integration and testing of the company's craft before they go into service.
 The facility has an initial order from Virgin Galactic to build three of the carriers and five passenger craft.

Rumours that Master Yoda is soon to be appointed as project director are as yet unsubstantiated.


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