Thursday, March 15, 2012


Tides: The Connection Between The Earth Sun And Moon  

The Earth sun and moon are interconnected in such a manner that we could never think of and that's why we thought we would explain tides. These fascinating processes and the reason they occur is a thing that would really interest most people that wonder about tides. Apparently the waves hit the beaches regularly because of the different levels of the ocean. The fascinating thing about the sea is that it has different levels determined by distinct intervals of time. 

The Earth sun moon interconnection is what makes the sea have distinct levels a result of the attraction that exists between the Earth sun and moon. One of the links between the Earth sun and moon is gravitational attraction. Other than this attraction, the levels of the water are influenced by the centrifugal force. The interesting thing is that this force is the result of the fact that the moon moves around the Earth and the Earth moves around the sun. 

Because of this connection, the levels of the water are pulled and after that raised every time the sun and moon are in a straight parallel line with the Earth. Because of the fact that the Moon is much closer to the Earth than the Sun is, the gravitational effect of the Moon influences the levels of the oceans more than the Sun does. In fact, the power of the Moon is double in terms of ocean levels, compared to the sun and its influence.

The total mass of the sea doesn't actually change during tides, it is just that in some regions the levels of the ocean rise and in other places the levels of the water decline. We can not say that when the levels of water rise, they rise everywhere because all the extra quantity of water must come from somewhere. This also applies when the levels of sea decline because all that water would have to go somewhere. 

To sum up, the tides are caused by the connection between the Earth sun and moon. The moon influences the levels of the water more than the sun because it is closer to the Earth. The tides occur when the moon and the sun are in a parallel line with our planet. Earth pictures show that our planet is more than half covered with water, which means that if water levels would rise everywhere, the actual earth will be covered in water. However, the truth is that when the levels of water rise in some areas, in others they will decline.

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