Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Switch: Should you think E-Cigarettes?

In a bid to eliminate the need to take a drag and consume conventional cigarettes, many manufacturers have started production and distribution of electronic cigarettes. It is said that this is a healthy change of lifestyle that could put out the fire and actually put up a fight against lung cancer and at the same time save the environment. Well, for starters, the person or user of electronic cigarettes does not emit a harmful smoke which could be detrimental to themselves and others. Although electronic cigarettes do produce smoke, the smoke is only a thin vapor which vanishes almost immediately into thin air. The experience may be the same, but the process or mechanism definitely isn't.

So how do you get your nicotine fix without the other side effects? Electronic cigarettes utilize cartridges with a substance called propylene glycol - a substance which is vaporized once the sensors from the mouth piece find that there is a flow of air in the device, thus simulating the dragging motion when smoking a traditional cigarette. The flavor is also mimicked, which is a plus for tobacco purists who still wish to get that flavor minus the harmful effects.

If you ever wondered how your smoking self can help the environment, well, the use of electronic cigarettes can do this automatically for you. Aside from puffing out vapor, which is essentially not unsafe, you also save tons of resources from the manufacture and production of the traditional cigarette. You simply don't have to use and dispose of cigarette butts and box after box of that stuff. The electronic cigarette makes use of a battery, which is rechargeable, thus eliminating the waste you deploy. Imagine 50 percent of smokers in the whole world using electronic cigarettes. Now imaging the waste reduced. Pretty noteworthy, huh?

Additionally, there is also no need to use gas or any means to light up the electronic cigarettes, thus reducing lighter costs. The electronic cigarette (especially the new models) use a LED light to simulate the light given off by the conventional cigarettes. This reduces the occurrence of fires or burns usually associated with smokers who are irresponsible in their use.

On the healthier side of things, electronic cigarettes allow you to completely avoid having yellow fingers and bad teeth. This is very beneficial to those who are conscious with their overall well-being and would like to make some changes in their lifestyle without completely giving up the smoke. While you get your dose of nicotine, you also reduce the harmful side effects you do on the environments and ultimately, to your family. This is also a cheaper way to smoke as it eliminates the need to purchase a source of fire and pack after pack of cigarettes.

Users have to still be accountable though, as you can't say that you'll limit yourself to one stick. A cartridge used by the e- cigarette lasts longer than your predictable cigs. This may make you consume an extra dose of nicotine without actually noticing.

Soon, with the advent of technology and research, we may find other ways to reduce more of the effects of smoking. Today however, the use of electronic cigarettes guarantees you the sure fire way to eventually give up the smoke and live a better, and not to mention, environmentally friendly way, to live.




  1. Nice post. Electronic cigarettes are the best alternate available for those can't quit smoking. A big plus point of using smoke-less cigarettes for the smoker as well as for the people around him is that it does not create any secondhand smoke.

    1. thanks for the comment, what you say is truly a godsend for people like me who have had heart surgery and should not be around cigarette smoke.