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Theory of a Nothing Universe

"Theory of a Nothing Universe"," Science was always my favorite subject when I was growing up.
 I continued to do so even when I attended the University.
 The most popular of which is the Big Bang Theory.
 What keeps the Big Bang Theory alive is that there seems to be scientifically proven evidence that points to it as the explanation.
  What existed before the singularity exploded? The Oscillating Universe theory is nice, but it has the same problem; assuming there ever actually was a beginning.
 The same holds true for the steady state universe theory.
 The big problem with this theory is that we know the universe is not unchanging.

What I am about to propose in this paper is an idea that I have dwelled upon for years.
 It also goes beyond the sticking point of, ""What came before"".
 There is my theory of the nothing universe and there is the theory of God.
 Either my theory is correct, the correct theory has not been written, or God is responsible for everything.
 My goal now is to share my theory with the world, and hope that it is the right one.
 With a clear understanding of our beginnings, we will be able to gain full insight into the inner workings of our reality.
 When a bottle is empty, we say; ""Nothing is in it"".
 What we are referring to is the fact that what we thought should be in the bottle is no longer there.
 A vacuum is the complete absence of matter.
 A vacuum is the true concept of nothing, but it is not the true form of nothing.
 The true state of nothing is neutrality.
 This perfect atom I have named the Nothing Atom.
 The nothing atom is composed of the proton, the neutron, the electron, as well as their anti matter counterparts.
 I do not know the exact arrangement of these particles in this perfect atom, but that is irrelevant.
 The electron and the positron do not annihilate each other, because they occupy different orbital lobes.
 Whatever the perfect arrangement is, this perfectly neutral Nothing Atom is the only thing that existed in the pre-universe and composed infinity entirely.

So now we have the perfect nothing universe composed entirely of the neutral and perfect Nothing Atom.
 Now, here comes the major dilemma of my theory.
 Something had to create a destabilization of one of the particles within the atom to lead to an irreversible chain reaction that would lead to the birth of the known universe.

The Event

The event represents the exact moment when the chaos began.
 Statistically speaking, one would have to assume that when you are dealing with infinity; the probability of 1 event occurring is 1 in infinity.
 I will now quote one of my former geology professors, Dr.
 He said, ""It didn't have to happen, but it had to happen.
 Some call it ""the Big Bang"", I call it; ""The Event"".
 This reaction is instantaneous and is, I believe, the only event currently occurring in our universe at a speed greater than that of the speed of light.
 I propose that if we could travel fast enough and far enough out into space we would eventually come to a wall of energy moving away from us.
 This wall of energy is the boundary between our universe and the nothing universe.
 An endless sea of perfect nothing atoms awaiting their turn to be annihilated by the impending ""Creation Wave"".
 This may also explain certain observations that our universe is not slowing down, but accelerating as it expands outward.
 A never ending wave of destruction moving away from the center of the known universe at mind boggling speed.
 The universe we know is expanding outward to fill empty space, where empty space had never existed.

I have possibilities to offer as to why we are not blinded by and vaporized by the energy being released by this process.
 The second possibility is that the Creation wave is so far away from us now that the light emitted from this event cannot reach our region of space any longer.
 That is not to say that if we develop the capability to look far enough out into space that we may not catch a glimpse or some evidence of this light, but I highly doubt it.

Another event occurred at the exact moment that the Creation wave began its long journey outward and forever.
 The first universe is the matter universe and the second universe was the anti-matter universe.
 The ""Central Plane"" is where the nothing universe existed in one dimension and in perfect harmony.
 Similarly all of the matter in our known universe phased into its own plane of existence.
 These are two separate universes, on of which is composed of matter, and the other of anti-matter.
 So, if you look out into space now in our universe you will notice that there is a lot of empty space out there.
 Matter in one universe occupies the empty space of the other universe and vice versa.
 This is one other possibility.
 This link can be found in the form of a black hole.
 Just as anti matter is spewed out into our plane from a black hole, I believe that matter is spewed forth from the same black hole into anti-matter space.
 If you can imagine a matter black hole warping space and creating a wormhole that is linked to its counterpart or anti matter black hole.
 These two black holes being linked by a stable wormhole or perhaps black holes are connected to white holes.

Black holes share a very common link to the state of the universe in the very beginning and that is its very intense gravitational field.
 The difference is that there was no free energy in the neutral universe, all energy was locked up in particles contained within the perfect atom.
 A super black would pale in comparison.
 The same is true in the anti matter universe.
 That is why atoms strive to for balance.
 In a sense our elements were the first things that began to evolve in our universe, ultimately leading the elements necessary for the evolution of life.
 The fact remains that 15 billion years may be only a split second after the event on a universal time scale.
 Perhaps one day events will take place in the universe to allow for a pocket of nothing material or neutral matter to form.
 Perhaps this wave of balance and chaos has been going on for some time and the space that we are familiar with exists between one of these waves.
 These processes taking place on such a scale that we cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of time we are dealing with.
 The matter and anti matter universes existing on separate planes exchanging matter and anti matter with one another through various processes such as black holes.
 My belief is that we live in this relatively infant universe, the first to exist in infinity, and will exist in infinity from this point on.
 The possibility that matter in our universe will begin to collapse in on itself may occur at some distant point in the future.

The universe could then begin to collapse in on itself, reform the neutral universe and the the event would occur at some point in an even more distant and mind boggling future.
 At the same time the anti matter universe is doing the same thing on its own plane of existence.
 One would have to assume that the laws of physics would exist in much the same way in both universes.
 I assume it does based on the fact that anti matter should interact much the same way that matter does in our universe.
 It is not concrete, but represents what may have been the state of the universe before the beginning.
 The evidence is not wrong, they are scientific methods that have been conducted over and over only to come to the same conclusion.
 I plan on writing a more comprehensive paper presenting the Theory of the Nothing Universe if this Hypothesis is moderately well accepted.


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