Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Solar System: Using the Big Universe to Help You to See Your Small Problems

If you do not know much about the solar system, you may want to take up a hobby so that you can learn about it. You may know a lot about your house, and even about your town. However, your planet is your big home, and it is floating around in a huge area known as outer space. There are many benefits to learning about sun facts and other facts about the solar system, which we will discuss here.

When you learn about sun facts, you are able to realize that you are in a huge system of planets. For instance, the sun has a photosphere and a chromosphere. The photosphere has a temperature of about 5800 K. If you read Ray Bradbury's short story entitled The Golden Apples of the Sun, then you may have imagined this temperature in the past.

The chromosphere is farther away from the sun than the photosphere. Although the dark areas called sun spots are in the photosphere, the chromosphere is where things start to get interesting. Once you get outside of the chromosphere, you are going to get into the corona. This is the part of the sun that extends millions of kilometers into outer space. You can only see it when there is an eclipse, but you can imagine it very easily. This part is actually hotter than the photosphere.

When you start to think about sun facts, you are going to realize that you are a very tiny little being. You are crawling along the earth with teeny tiny little problems and a very short blip of existence. This is how it can help to relax you to learn about solar system facts. Even thinking about a small planet like Pluto can help you to realize that there are many things out there besides the earth.

Many people assume that they should never learn about the sun or their solar system. However, this can be a great mistake. If you never learn about the magic of the universe, you may end up taking your own problems too seriously. You might lose your favorite shirt and feel that your life is over. However, if you can remember how big and amazing the solar system is, then you may feel better.

Feeling how large the solar system is can be a great way to feel better about your situation. You can start to learn some information about the sun and slowly put your life into perspective.


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