Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saving Our Planet

One of the most interesting facts about Earth is the presence of renewable resources, which make our life easier and help us become more environmental friendly. Everybody has found out about renewable resources but they are not that popular as we might think due to the fact that people consider non-renewable resources better. However, this is not true because non-renewable resources can't be used more than once, whereas renewable resources can not be consumed.

The biggest problem on Earth is the fact that consumers are dependent of fossil fuels also known as non-renewable resources. However, because of the fact that soon we will not be able to use fossil fuels anymore, people should start learning about renewable resources. 

The value of renewable resources can be explained only by referring to the disadvantages of using non-renewable resources and the advantages that come with using the renewable ones. Pics of Earth show a planet which has a lot of water to offer and the great news is that water can be used as a renewable resource. The Earth could use a break from all the pollution that is affecting every single continent because of the carbon emissions, that make the quality of the air to be very low and increase the number of people getting sick. Pollution seems to affect many people, who have to deal with cancer, respiratory diseases and as some research has revealed, with asthma. Unfortunately, we have to deal with climatic change too, meaning that our planet is getting warmer with each and every year that passes by. 

When it comes to facts about Earth, we realize that the life on it is a lot more fragile than we can imagine, meaning that it must be protected better. To do this, people need to give up on non-renewable resources and start using the non-consuming type of resources. This means that if we want to have enough electricity, heat and light in our homes, we could use a solar panel. The great thing about using solar panels is that not only we pay less for everything, but also we take care of the environment, improving the quality of our life and of the living creatures surrounding us.

Even though most people believe that their lives are not affected by the high levels of pollution, the effects will probably be seen later, after a few years, when there will not be too much too preserve anymore on our planet.

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