Friday, June 8, 2012

Why Are Hersey Kisses Shaped Like Apollo Space Capsules?

"Why Are Hersey Kisses Shaped Like Apollo Space Capsules? - I Love Space!"," And right now, the privatization of space exploration, tourism, mining, and technology is being born.
 It's a great time to explore the great taste of chocolate and the final frontier of space.
 Being able to see it, understand it, and know our place in it is fascinating.
 The Hershey Chocolate Company is an American tradition, but so is the quest for space, and the need to explore, it is part of the human endeavor, and it is part of who we are as Americans.

If the dinosaurs that lived 400 million years here on the planet had such technologies, they could have prevented their own extinction.
 Of course, I bet you'd rather talk about chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate, and every young man at one time or another has wanted to be an astronaut, it's an automatic response, just like at some point every young boy wants to be a firefighter.
 Today, we have bettered the shape of the Apollo space capsule for reentry, with our new reusable space vehicles, and space shuttle.

Whether you are eating a chocolate candy bar, breaking off a piece of Hershey chocolate, or watching an old clip of an Apollo space capsule, they are reminder of just how far we've come.

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