Saturday, June 9, 2012

Space Simulation Games - How Do They Work?

"Space Simulation Games - How Do They Work?"," It's the hi-tech, fully 3D, innovator of space simulators and space simulation games that will change the way we look at space.
 This phenomenal software achievement utilises data gathered by the European Space Agency and cleverly maps it in 3-D.
 Your journey could not be more real.
 Your keyboard and mouse are your controls to manoeuvre around in 3 dimensions; you can orbit and magnify planets, or select all range other heavenly bodies like the moon or even asteroids in the local area.
 Because even though it is easy to use, it is a highly sophisticated piece of technology that professional and amateur astronomers love to use.
 And there is even more to explore with the huge additional catalogue of 3D Astronomer add-ons.
 With the click of your mouse, this master of space simulation games enables you to open up both the near and familiar space bodies and galaxies as well as the strange and distant astronomical worlds seldom seen.
 So what makes it so distinctively different? 3D Astronomer can transport everyone everywhere into space, and display its awesome features with wonderful clarity.

The incorporated images and data incorporated into 3DAstronomer are taken from real-life satellite imagery.
 You are able to look at an entire planet, for example, Venus, in three dimensions from various positions and distances and angles, and know you are getting the entire view.
 Those who like to get up close and personal can encounter the surfaces of all the celestial bodies with 3DAstronomer's add-on packages.

Your voyages into outer space are made complete with additional features.
 3DAstronomer's capabilities really provide the space simulation games choice to discover and learn about space while encouraging your own imagination to make each and every space journey unique.


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