Saturday, June 16, 2012

Planetary Base Stations for Space Travel

"Planetary Base Stations for Space Travel"," Since all Planets are moving all the time in relation to each other it will be necessary to plan in advance our hop, skip and jump exploration missions.
 It will be ultra critical to make sure each base station has the supplies necessary to continue the trips and life support systems at those base stations.

Since each planet is made up of different accumulations of material on or near their surfaces we will need to use the data we have from probes, satellites and telescopes to determine where these materials, elements and compounds are and how best to collect them.
 Mine those materials and figure out which storage methods to use based on the hostility factors of the planet; lightening storms, solar radiation, temperature, asteroid strikes, tremblers and other possible damaging causes to the systems built.

Indeed it would seem that depending on where the planet was based on its relationship to its star and the color it gives off from the surrounding light reflections that one might be able to determine what types of elements and compounds were there prior to getting there and there would need to be additional decision matrixes needed to determine the best use of local planetary material to be used for life support, refueling, supplies and oxygen.
 Think on this.

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