Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live Your Astronaut Dreams at Kennedy Space Center

"Live Your Astronaut Dreams at Kennedy Space Center","

Just a short drive from Orlando, the Kennedy Space center Visitor Complex offers a unique opportunity for you to tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut, see actual rockets, train in a spaceflight simulator, or even view an actual rocket or shuttle launch.

The Shuttle Launch Experience provides an exciting journey that allows you to feel what it's like to launch yourself toward space.

After entering the heart of Shuttle operations for a pre-launch briefing, you'll be guided by veteran Space Shuttle Commander Charlie Bolden as he you step-by-step through the shuttle launch sequence.
 Anxious moments arise as atmospheric sound and lighting effects dramatize the moments before your space shuttle launch.
 Dramatic lighting brings historic NASA rockets back to life, including the Redstone, Atlas and Titan rockets that first put NASA astronauts in space.

Then return to today's space age and climb aboard the International Space Station.

In an elevated observation room, you'll see the actual processing bay where each Space Station component is checked out, processed and readied for its trip into orbit.

In Space Shuttle Plaza, you'll find a full-sized NASA Space Shuttle replica - Explorer.
 You'll also find other components needed to launch NASA Space Shuttles such as a huge external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters.

On a more somber note, the Space Mirror Memorial, designated as a national memorial by Congress and President George Bush and dedicated in 1991, honors the 24 U.S
 astronauts who gave their lives for space exploration.

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