Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will This Current Solar Maximum Hurt the Fledgling Private Space Flight Industry?

"Will This Current Solar Maximum Hurt the Fledgling Private Space Flight Industry?"," Today, it is more than likely that private citizens will actually get that chance.
 Right now, there are waiting lists, and folks made deposits worth tens of thousands of dollars to private space companies to experience that dream.
 NASA has also already contracted with several private space companies to help it with its needs to move people and supplies from Earth to the international space station.
 However, I would submit to you that it was private companies which built all of the satellites, and all of the components of the international space station.
 It was built by private companies under contract.
 The article was written by Andy Pasztor and titled ""Private Space Taxis Race to the Launchpad,"" and the article spoke of NASA's contract with SpaceX, which also gives hope for investors who'd like to invest in the future of private space operations.

Now then, many folks on the Space Coast of Florida have lost their jobs due to NASA's budget cuts.
 NASA has given contracts to many more companies such as; Armadillo Aerospace, Near Space Corporation, Up Aerospace Incorporated, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Masten Space Systems, XCOR, and several others.
 Meanwhile, the competition is on because the Chinese are building their own, albeit much smaller, space station.

We know that China has contributed to space junk, and it will be unfortunate if they also contribute to flying orbiting toilets.
 But jokes aside, this space race is on, and it's time for the United States to pick up the pace and take us into the 21st century.
 In fact, it is interesting that DARPA has also started a group which will focus on building 100 years space craft.
 In other words, if you go, you may not come back in this lifetime, but you will definitely go down (or up rather) in history.
 There are also hundreds of thousands of individuals who are waiting on waiting lists to go into space, so there is plenty of money to go around for those private space companies ready to take people into space, and bring them back safely.
 Luckily, NASA also has the ability to predict solar flares before they hit Earth in ample time to allow the safe return of space tourists prior to the arrival of the solar flare.

The Russians are also getting in on the game, and they are building a spaceport near the equator in South America.
 Launching from near the equator gives them a 15% advantage, and it requires less fuel to reach escape velocity from that equatorial region of our planet.
 However this is a great time to see what sorts of technologies humans are capable of.
 Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think about investing in private space companies, and book your tour into space as part of a dream that you will never forget during your life experience.

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