Monday, May 21, 2012

Virtual Space Travel in India

"Virtual Space Travel in India"," Man has ventured a lot in terms of land and sea, its the time to explore the Milky Way.
 Days are in, to bring home a few stars and bright sunlight.
 Now the non-scientist group can also boast of with visiting the galaxy.
 Following his enthusiasm many Indian are now looking to don the special space suits and board a flight to the sky.
 The time an individual wrap himself with the special space-suits and position himself in the sophisticated machine, the body experience the fantasy of going weightlessness, seems like floating in the air.

India hold the adventure of space travel at the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore.
 The 3D screen saver arranged as a 3D global model facilitates a close outer view of the earth.
 In addition to this the Earth explorer, tuned in a street-level resolution explains the world information like the countries, cities, islands, rivers etc.
 The theater also has an observatory, set up with a professional six inch code retractor telescope.
 This multi-stored building has the stunning demonstration of scientific games.
 Other attractions of the floor are the parabolic reflector of heat, deceptive reality, pin screen, virtual music station, floating dish, liquid storm, chaotic chair, spinning eraser, rising arc, walk on piano, jumping disk, illusions, colored shadows, fun mirror, Geneva wheel, polygon generator, belt and pulleys, blowing off roof, worm and worm wheel, lazy channel, impossible mixture, quick sand, etc.
 A virtual expedition is possible in this center.
 The travelers receives the thrill of making a breath-taking race on the track to space and the whole body experience a move of upside down.

The Nehru Science Center in Mumbai as scientific auditorium, projecting the heart stirring 'Sky Show'.
 The ceiling is made of aluminum and develops the realistic effect.
 In near future, this virtual tourism sector will get wings with a number of centers all over the country.

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