Friday, May 18, 2012

Star Wars Jedi Robe - Buddhism Meets Bushido In Outer Space

"Star Wars Jedi Robe - Buddhism Meets Bushido In Outer Space"," These warriors - symbolically wearing the Star Wars Jedi Robe -are compelling characters precisely because they represent a blend of opposites.
 Neither of these traits was pulled from thin air.

The Jedi philosophy was perhaps best exposed in the very popular movie, The Empire Strikes Back, where Master Yoda is training young Luke Sky walker in the ways of the Jedi warrior.
 Yoda warns him not to constantly think and worry about the future, but to keep his mind on what he is doing in the here and now.

Zen Buddhism basically holds that doctrines and ideologies do not lead to wisdom.
 Buddhists counsel that a constant focus and attachment to outcomes in the future will lead to suffering.
 The very word - Zen - is derived from the Chinese word Chan, which literally means "meditation". 

Yet, on the other hand, Jedi Knights in all of the Star Wars movies are famous for fighting and taking bold action - the exact opposite of meditation.
 This code of chivalry is deeply reminiscent of The Samurai code of chivalry of Ancient Japan known as Bushido.
 The Samurai was trustworthy, honest, frugal and loyal.
 The Samurai did not fear death and had no interest in wealth or material objects of any kind.

The Samurai's weapon of choice is the Samurai sword.
 In fact, the Jedi light saber can be seen as a futuristic "echo" of the Samurai sword, and the Star Wars Jedi Robe can be seen as a futuristic alternative to the ancient suit of armor.


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