Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Is 2010 the End of Any Future Manned Space Exploration by the United States?"

"Is 2010 the End of Any Future Manned Space Exploration by the United States?"," This has effectively ended any immediate manned space missions from the US until a review in the year 2015. An end of an era, where the United States once dominated space, and have now left its legacy to other countries like China, India, Japan and Russia to continue. After an agreement was made between President Obama and the Russian government, over the payment of transporting any NASA astronauts to the aging international space station. Japan has acknowledged this by recently successfully launching a solar sail, that could effectively move ships through the universe without the need of any fuel This frontier has always been at the forefront of our technological advance, as not only solar energy has improved because of our missions to space, but also agricultural and communication technologies, as a direct result of each manned mission. Something we have to now learn back on earth, whilst breakthrough scientific research is continue advances in nano technology, and sustainable energy use. Unless the USA pulls itself out of its current economic malaise by 2015, it is highly unlikely that space will ever be explored like before, and any dreams of a new Moon or manned Mars mission could be Chinese, or Russian rather than American. Putting a space program on hold, could be an admission that venturing out in space is going to be too risky, as the 2012 clock ticks ever closer- perhaps even admitting the perceived threat of bad space weather could last until 2015?. . TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE


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