Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon - Space Travel for You and Me

"Fly Me to the Moon - Space Travel for You and Me","

Virgin Galactic uses highly advanced carbon fiber construction and a hybrid engine technology to produce a lightweight yet extremely strong mother vehicle which carries a smaller vehicle which will actually take you into outer space.
 This avoids the problems with the Space Shuttle rocketing off from earth in what is really a controlled bomb, heavily laden with fuel and the extra reinforcement necessary to carry it and its occupants safely.
 The passengers are able to experience and enjoy zero gravity free floating if they like, and each seat has panoramic views of the earth and space.

The ship returns to earth by raising and lowering its tail structure in what is described as a feathered re-entry.
 Once re-entry is completed at around 70,000 feet, the wings are lowered into a more conventional position and the aerodynamic aircraft then simple glides to a landing.
 The use of carbon composite construction with its high strength, low weight ratios, requires the use of much less energy throughout the entire manufacturing process and in the actual execution of the flight.
 The hybrid engine also uses a non-toxic, benign fuel which is actively engaged for only a relatively short amount of time.

93 percent of the 81 Founder customers made it through the centrifuge training needed to prepare them for the G-forces experienced during the rocket portions of the trip and re-entry.

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