Tuesday, May 15, 2012

China's Secret Space Program

"China's Secret Space Program","  Just recently China radically altered that balance of power.
  They just announced that they will try their first space walk in 2008.
  One can only dream of the true plans of the communist regime, but most likely it includes colonization of the Moon.
  A population large, their ever growing economic consumption of natural resources and their desire for world recognition makes the concept of colonization very plausible.
  That is ultimately due to the fact that they would then have access to the technology required to advance their space program.
  From corporate espionage, buying black market technology, to traditional spying, China is always looking for ways to steal technology.
  From an economic and efficiency standpoint it is the best way for China to advance towards its goals.
  Can the United States or Russia beat them to it?  They would be able to if they devoted the necessary resources, but that is not a likely scenario.
  China on the other hand can devote resources to their program and where they cannot develop the technology themselves they will seek to steal it.

A colony on the Moon could quickly be militarized, if that was the intention of China.
  In reality it could be used as all three.
  It has potential.
  Their master plan could be 75 years down the road, but if they do have a serious plan and are allocating resources adequately they are light years ahead of us.

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