Friday, May 18, 2012

A Brief History of Space Shuttle Innovation

"A Brief History of Space Shuttle Innovation"," However, thanks to the Space Shuttle innovation, countries all over the globe are sending teams of professionals and experts to outer space in order to conduct researches.

Space Shuttle innovation kick started as early as in the 1930's.
 With that, the United States started to write up minute proposals for outer space transportation which can be reused.
 Yet, in the 1970's, restrictions in the financial and designing departments resulted in a much smaller design which is more efficient.
 Something worthy of being noted, ""Columbia"" shines as the first in utilizing solid fuel rockets.

""Challenger"", another member in NASA's list of reusable winged spaceships, boasted nine successful missions.
 Seven valiant crew members were mourned for after a fatal explosion of the ""Challenger"" in January 28, 1986.
 Other planets are being explored and man is getting more aware of the happenings in the vast universe.
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