Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Be Dazzled By Namibia's African Diamond Skies"

"Be Dazzled By Namibia's African Diamond Skies"," Our sky is filled with thousands of stars, all night long, all year long, shining like a 1000 diamonds all around you. As Earth is tilted at 23. The ""River of Light"" which is one of our Galaxy's spiral arms filled with millions of stars. The centre of our Galaxy which is the swollen part in the flat spiral disc, stretching over 20 000 light years. Imagine being able to see where your star sign comes from, as clear as ever. At most times of the year you also see Jupiter and Mars moving over your head. Seen with the naked eye, there's a bright nebulae in Orion's Sword. Another dark nebulae can be found in the Coal Sack, clearly seen in the Milky Way. Most of the globular clusters known can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. To name but a few there is Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge, situated in the Namib Desert near to one of Namibia's famous and most beautiful attractions, the dunes of Sossusvlei. Also not far from Sossusvlei, in the Tsarisberge Mountains, you can go to Zebra River Lodge. During the day they can take you on the best hiking trails, passing some of our most spectacular fauna and rock formations, leading to beautiful spring pools. Astronomer or just appreciative of the mysteries the sky holds, your thirst for knowledge can be satisfied in Namibia. . WHAT'S UP   

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