Monday, April 2, 2012

"Time Travel Not Possible"

Time Travel Not Possible?"," My theory of Time dealt with time dimensions and how our concept of time is different from the reality of time. I had to consider the possibility of time travel in that discussion, but I never made an formal claims. Hypothesis It is tempting to believe that time travel is somehow possible. The thought is far to tempting to want to believe anything else to the contrary. 9% sure that time travel is not possible and I base this on the following argument. It is this perception that has lead to the belief that time travel should or could be possible. This technology simply digitally records a program and then allows you to access that information at any time. When we eventually watch our show, we are in a sense, traveling back in time. This allows your mind to experience a segment of time that has already occurred. The past is nothing more than a collection of our memories. This is the digital recording. The future is nothing more than our ability to conceive of future events. I would have to believe that it is our past that allows our brain to conceive of a future. This is slightly different from making plans. This is simply a matter of our ability to conceive that another Saturday will come, because we have had reoccurring Saturdays in the past. So, we plan to have dinner on that day at some predetermined time. We can't exactly count this as foretelling the future, because sometimes we forget the plans we make. I guess this leaves us with two ways our brain looks at the future. This is how we conceive of our reality. We commit this to memory for later use. It used to be that our parents would teach us the things we needed to survive. If we didn't then we simply died. If we didn't have the ability to commit things to memory then we may try to pet the leopard later and get eaten. In order to survive we had to rely on our memory so that we could tell what we should or should not do based upon the situation presented to us. Now we are faced with a new challenge, surviving in a technological and hectic world. If you do not do these things then you end up homeless, starve, and die. No other species has come as far as we have. Our environment and lifestyle has changed but our old abilities remain. We now find ourselves faced with having to find new and varied things to commit to memory. etc. We have so much more to commit to memory and it seems that our memory and brain has adapted to allow us to handle this new life style. Along with all of these new things to commit to memory comes our concept of time. Whether we can recall it or not, the information is still in our brain. We draw on these past experiences to conceive of a future or to make plans for the future. This point in time. That is all. In this present events are occurring all across the universe based upon the laws of physics. Can you remember the last time you saw a broken cup fall upward and piece itself back together as it lands upright on the kitchen table? No, just as we have never seen a bunch of leaves fall upward and attach themselves back onto a tree. Cause and Effect. No doubt a dog has a concept of time, but do plants? Animals have a concept of time, because they need to call upon past events in order to survive emerging events. It still serves them for survival. What is this rocks concept of time? I would have to bet that it has no concept of time. No survival means no memory. It is that way with any object that has no need for survival, because it is not alive. If another body were to come along and strike it then that asteroid would move in some new direction until gravity or another object dictates otherwise. It is not alive so does time not exist for that asteroid? No, time exists. It is undergoing a series of events that are determined by the forces that have acted upon it. I explain this concept further in my paper on my theory of time. Does it make a sound? Yes, it does make a sound. What I am saying is that these words I am typing would not exist if the human race did not exist. ""That which is heard, resulting from stimulation of auditory nerves by vibrations"" We can conclude from this that the falling tree is not heard. A tree falls. This energy sets the air molecules around it in motion. Eventually the sound wave will dissipate, because the energy will be lost along the way. The falling tree is not heard because no one is there to receive the sound waves. So, yes the falling tree makes a sound, but it is not heard. The universe would still go on being the universe whether humans do or do not exist. So now let us move onto the other 1%. Under what circumstances could we achieve time travel? I will start with the speed of light. Light is a part of the universe, not the master of it. We would, however; not pass through time. What if we could get every single object in motion to run in reverse? Nothing would happen, and I will tell you why. No time travel here. I say this because even if we travel faster than the light from the sun interacting with objects on the earth, it would not matter to other objects out in the universe. You can't just have a localized event somehow effecting everything in the universe. In fact, much of the universe when we look out into space is different then what we are seeing. Calculate the exact position of the earth on a certain day in the past and then create a bridge between the present and the past? Would this somehow work by calculating the position of the earth in the future? Again, I do not conceive of a way to punch a whole in space leading to the past or future. This leads to the creation of new dimensions. Perhaps this is not the case. In this case then we could calculate the position of the earth, punch a hole to that dimension and in a sense travel back in time. That the time line is actually a series of universes stretching back through time containing every single second. In reality the time line is composed of nothing but the present, just a present contained in a dimension for every event that has ever taken place on earth or the universe. Think of it as a long string stretching from the beginning to the end, assuming the universe will end. Everything that has happened up to this point and will happen in the future is divided up into dimensions. We could then conceive of the possibility that we are traveling through dimensions right now. It would then be possible to travel backwards and forwards in time by somehow bridging the gap between ""Dimensions of the Present"". Our bodies are constantly moving forward through ""Present Dimensions"" . If we could then somehow transport our consciousness throughout this subdivision of our life then we would, in a sense, be time traveling. The film ""Butterfly Effect"" illustrates this concept nicely. 1) Physically creating a bridge between this present dimension and some past or future present dimension. Don't touch yourself, it could be bad. The intriguing thing about number two is this. The same can be said for the us before that and in the dimension ahead of that. This smear represents your life and the sub dimensions of your life. It would then simply be a matter of transporting your consciousness to some version of you in the past or future. Convert your consciousness into data and then try and transport that energy into one of the other present dimensions. In this case though the time traveler could only travel along the length of your own life span. You can punch a hole into another present dimension. This would represent the ""Time Line"", that we like to believe exists. This may then lead to branching of the time line. This is one possibility The other possibility could lead to the destruction of every dimension from that point forward. Perhaps it is a combination or perhaps all events could occur differently leading to a completely new dimensional time line? I dare not venture any further, because messing around in this manner could lead to any number of outcomes. Conclusion I still cannot exclude entirely the possibility of time travel. We would travel to a dimension containing a slice of all of the events that have ever occurred in the universe at one exact moment. If such a trip were possible we would then have to consider how smart taking that trip would be. Then again, maybe nothing would happen. Human conception is the biggest factor. What I mean by reality, is the way things exist in the present universe. Events that are independent of our observations. Humans just are not there to make the appropriate measurements and observations. The way matter interacts in the universe when humans do not exist. . TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK 

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