Monday, April 2, 2012

Cosmology: The Ever Expanding You?

"Cosmology: The Ever Expanding You?","7 billion years ago. Now what we are told is actually expanding is space itself. Space is carrying the flotsam and jetsam of the Universe along for the ride, piggyback fashion. The dots move further apart as the balloon grows bigger. Apart from the original expansionary force of the Big Bang event, two other expansionary forces have been, or are, at work. Ok, so far so good. However, there's the fly in the expanding space ointment. Space doesn't stop at the outer boundary of our solar system. It's inside galaxies as well as between galaxies. Space, as far as I can determine, is everywhere. You and everything else that you think is 'solid' is mainly empty space. If space is expanding inside a galaxy, because there is space inside a galaxy and all of space is expanding, then stars in that galaxy should be getting farther apart. The solar system should be getting bigger. You know where this is leading - you too should be expanding as you are a part of space and space is inside you. But, if that were so, you'd never be aware of it. But clearly we do notice an expansion of the Universe as measured by the various galactic red-shifts as noted above. There is one attractive force that's the opposite to the forces of expansion - gravity. The question is, is gravity alone sufficient to stop our galaxy expanding (we know it's not sufficient to stop our Universe from expanding)? It must be as I've seen no mention of any expanding galaxy that expanding due to expanding space (ours included) in any astronomical literature, far less a mention of an expanding solar system. presumably that would be obvious to astronomers at least ever since sophisticated astronomical observations were possible using exacting precision instruments, be they telescopes at ground level or in outer space. What of individual objects? Well gravity is probably strong enough to counter expanding space within our Sun (the Sun's pretty massive); ditto the Earth. Well, gravity isn't the only game in town. As noted above, the electromagnetic force prevents you from falling through the ground or a chair you're sitting in. Gravity plus electromagnetic forces collectively hold together individual objects. I suspect the precise calculations have been done; the numbers crunched - the Universe (space) expands; objects inside the Universe don't. However, there is an alternative reason, and one that I prefer, and that is that you're not expanding because space itself is not expanding, contrary to the common standard cosmological model. space objects are getting farther and farther apart from each other, as per the painted dots on the surface of an expanding balloon. If space is static, then the space both within and without anything and everything is static. ""A moment on the lips; forever on the hips"" is still a valid assessment (sort of), but you won't find it in any cosmology textbook! . TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE  

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