Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Why is There Anything at All? - Exploring the Universal Oneness"

"Why is There Anything at All? - Exploring the Universal Oneness"," There is one substance that comprises all of nature: space.
 Light would not exist if this fact were not true.

Most astronomers know that the whole universe is expanding in every direction and that the further away a celestial object is from where we are, the faster it will appear to be receding.
 If it were possible for objects to move away from us at the speed of light they would have an infinite redshift and appear invisible.
 The point where this would happen would be called an ""event horizon"" where all time and energy seems to completely stop.
 Depending entirely on the perspective (in this case the relative rate of motion) of the viewer it is possible for ENTIRE worlds to vanish and reappear without any actual changes taking place except through changes in perspective.
 If the observer had a relatively low rate of energy, then the rest of creation would appear to have a higher rate of energy.
 All apparent motion through space is entirely dependent on reference to some other object or group of objects (such as the rest of objects in the universe) in space.
 The energy level of the observer's perspective seems to be the actual source of energy for all phenomena.
 One's level of energy is inversely related to the rate of time going by for the rest of the observed universe.

The perspective of the observer or how the universal Oneness is observed seems to be the key to how the whole system of phenomena comes about.
 Massive amounts of energy can be observed bursting out of that seemingly endless ""nothingness"" the moment one's perspective (viewpoint) comes from within an infinitesimally small part of that vast Oneness, making one's sensitivity infinite.
 Everything in the universe consists of multiple vibration rates of multidimensional oscillating fields all part of an infinitely complex design of perfectly balanced polarities.
 The more that illusion is dissolved, the less real the world of phenomena and opposite forces appear to be, until ultimately, all things seem to dissolve into a universally complete Oneness or Wholeness.
 My main form of meditation is to meditate on that inner ""silence"" which turns out to be anything but silent! A deafening roar in fact.
 There are so many aspects to the Shabd like so many colors in a spectrum, or sounds throughout the musical scale from a low, rhythmic vibration all the way up to the finest notes of creation.
 All these galaxies, stars, planets, etc.

Did all this radiation in turn actually come from silence, space, etc.
? The
direction from which all reality is observed by the universal observer or consciousness residing in each and every being in existence is what actually makes the eternal Oneness come to life with such awesome force that whole universes unfold from it.
 What one would consider to be ""nothing"" or empty space really is not nothing at all, it is actually the Oneness of all.
 ""Nothing"" or seemingly empty space is the Oneness out of which all things precipitate and crystallize out of and ultimately dissolve back into.

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