Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Massive Black Hole Formation

"Super Massive Black Hole Formation"," Since black holes take in matter, over time they grow. Most super massive black holes exist within the center of galaxies. So, are they the result of the joining of many smaller black holes? It is quite possible that they can form in this way, but I believe the majority of them form in a different manner. I maintain that there is an evolution to everything, including the universe. If there was one, and it does not matter what beginning we start with. That we have the material needed to build ourselves a galaxy. In this case there would be a little added step in the evolutionary scale. Any unstable, exotic particles would disappear as the universe began to cool. Some rather like Guth's Inflation theory. The expansion would be extremely fast, perhaps exceeding the speed of light. The steady state maintains the universe has and always will exist much as it has. The Osculating universe maintains that the universe expands and contracts in a never ending cycle of beginnings and ends. The evolution of the universe fits nicely with my Nothing Universe hypothesis. For more on this idea, you can read my article entitled, ""The Nothing Universe"". Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe followed by helium. Helium formed next, thanks to star formation. Within this expanse of hydrogen, stars began to take shape as enough hydrogen came together to sustain fusion. All over this cloud, proto stars are forming as them known stellar objects in the universe. At this point all of the hydrogen has separated as dictated by gravity and galaxies are beginning to form. Proto stars are starting to form, but there is too much matter in this region. These super massive stars could have existed in the center of each galaxy, but there life spans would be extremely short. Since there is so much material in this region of space that even if a super massive star forms it can not maintain hydrostatic equilibrium. The core generation would be enough to over come its own gravity, in theory. Eventually one of these stars collapsed to form a black hole, which immediately began to feed on the surrounding material. There is the other possibility that Multiple black holes form in this region, consuming the material around it until there is nothing left to feed on but each other. I believe that one large black hole forms and then consumes the abundant material around it, that is present in the center of these young galaxies. In the outer, less dense regions, the remaining material has come together to form stars. The death of these stars will provide the material for the next stage in the evolution of our universe, the formation of solar systems. The ones at the center of each galaxy form as a result of the evolution of a galaxies formation. Super massive ones form here. . TRY SOMETHING NEW JUST CLICK HERE  

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