Monday, March 26, 2012

"Solar System Lesson Plans"

"Solar System Lesson Plans"," The goals of a well drawn-out solar system lesson plan include the development of thinking, reasoning and collaborative skills. The total time required is 3 classes with approximately 60 minutes each. The first period introduces the solar system which is followed by a group discussion. Chart preparation of planets is part of the homework. The objective of a middle school level solar system lesson plan is to give a thorough knowledge of space and the vast emptiness between the planets. Topics for middle school level lesson plans include exploring the planets, charting the planets, solar system and the universe generally. The normal preparation time for the teacher is 2 hours. Before going to the lessons, the student should understand the concepts of basic physics and math including the concepts of ratio, angular velocity, and measurement of an arc in a circle. The time required for completing the full unit is several days to two weeks. 


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