Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Solar System Facts"

"Solar System Facts","5 billion years ago, a huge cloud of cosmic gas and dust banged and the solar system came into existence. The temperature at its core is about 16 million degrees kelvin (K) and it radiates 383 billion trillion kilowatts per second. Mercury experiences temperature extremes, varying from 200 ° C during daytime to a frigid -400 ° C at night. The cloudy planet of Venus has acid rain and carbon dioxide skies that hide our view of its surface. The changing seasons on the earth is the result of its 23 degrees tilted rotation on its axis. Olympus Mons, on the surface of Mars, is the largest known volcano in the solar system. First among the gas giants, Jupiter, with more satellites than any other planet, has no solid surface except for a small rocky core. Among its 31 known natural satellites, Titan is the largest. When other planets spin on an axis perpendicular to the plane of the solar system, Uranus' axis is parallel. Neptune is home to some of the fastest windstorms in the solar system. Pluto, 2,360 km in diameter, is a lone icy planet, the only planet not yet visited by a spacecraft. 7 earth years and it rotates in the reverse direction as that of other planets. 

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