Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The Night Sky"

"The Night Sky"," This is the first time we could well see the cosmos and in the night sky. Most of us have no idea scattered from the large picture of the lights in a clear night sky when there are no city lights to interfere with vision. But I bet I can as a child I saw the sky seems clearly remember all the constellations incredible feet, and comets that move and a statement of points of light too much to tell the story. That is great. The fact that almost surely, almost all points in the sky a star or other celestial body that is much larger than the earth itself, not twice or ten times, but by factors of hundreds and thousands of people, an idea is blowing in spirit children. * Our sun is part of a large galaxy called the Milky Way, which contains a hundred billion stars or more like it. * The milk was one of tens of billions of galaxies each with billions of stars in them. * If you could go through the Milky Way for 100,000 years. You would have to drive five hundred million 500,000,0000 miles per year These little fun facts have a lively discussion on the origin of the universe and the possibility of space travel, or whether there is life on other planets. This debate can be fun, exciting and full of questions. And if you were there the first moment when they saw the night sky, you can experience your own great moment when you were a child. . WHAT'S UP


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